Medical Electives to Kenya

Vast savannahs framed by snow-capped mountains, welcome to Kenya

Some call it a hub of safaris and differentiated nature walks; others make reference to it as the nucleus of humanity where variety of culture interacts to give birth to an educative experience. A dramatic and highly photogenic country, Kenya is a hugely varied land of plains and mountains, beaches flanked by coral reefs, alongside lively tribal culture and possibly the most crowd-pulling wildlife on the planet. In some respects, this one small country essentially encompasses all Africa.

The blend of diversity, vibrancy in culture, world class infrastructure in place and conceptualized are a notable experience. The hospitality of the populations makes it stand out as the ideal place for your visit.

Unique healthcare systems, beautiful sceneries, enriched culture and towns that are in developmental stage are what describe our destinations! Choose our exciting locations in Kenya; coastal locations of Mombasa or Diani beach Msambweni Hospital, the urban setting or a rural setting in Migori.

We offer elective placements to a number of locations in Kenya:

What we offer

Our aim is to make your elective a stress free and unforgettable experience 

We have long-standing partnership with the local clinics, hospitals and government authorities. These partnerships allow for greater flexibility in planning your placement and tailoring it to your objectives.

We are flexible with the length of time you can take your elective placement to Kenya. This begins at two weeks, while most students spend between four and six weeks with us.

Our placements start at £1,195 and includes pre-departure support from our UK team, accommodation and meals, your hospital placement, airport transfers, orientation, clinical supervision throughout your placement, 24 hour support from our local team and help booking trips and excursions. 

Elective Costing

Duration Location Cost Location Cost
Two Weeks Kisumu/Migori £1,150 Mombasa £1,385
Three Weeks Kisumu/Migori £1,305 Mombasa £1,535
Four Weeks Kisumu/Migori £1,690 Mombasa £1,800
Five Weeks Kisumu/Migori £1,805 Mombasa £1,995
Six Weeks Kisumu/Migori £1,920 Mombasa £2,190
Extra Week Kisumu/Migori £230 Mombasa £230
I’ve worked in many developing countries in the past through other programs and some I felt were just after your money. I truely felt my time in Kenya was different. The team had the same passion that I do and their first priority is the community and helping those who need it most. The hospital itself in Migori was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I learnt so much, and the nurses and doctors got me doing so much stuff. 
Amy - Monash Health, Australia

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