Nursing Electives to Kenya

A nursing elective abroad overseas is a unique opportunity to connect with likeminded students and nursing professionals in the healthcare field from other parts of the world. Whether you are student in nursing school or a Registered Nurse (RN) seeking to give back your nursing skills, this is a rewarding opportunity for you.

A nursing elective with us gives you an opportunity for hands on experience in the nursing field under mentorship and supervision in a differentiated and developing healthcare system.

With the limited resources in a developing country, both infrastructure and human capital, you will have the opportunity for supervised hands on nursing experiences in nursing care and other bedside procedures.

Our programs not only help you improve your nursing skills but also tailored in such a way that they make you stand out among your peers in clinical skills and knowledge.

Apart from the hospital internships, we we also offer you an opportunity to immerse yourself with the local community through various activities that we organize. You have the opportunity to give back to the society and appreciate humanity through visiting the children orphanages and the local schools & community interacting and giving talks on reproductive health or take part in hygiene clinics

The Nursing Electives Abroad with us are offered in over 8 clinical sites spread out across Kenya in our four destinations. You will therefore have an opportunity to choose from a variety of rural locations, urban placements and coastal clinical sites. On the hospital internships, you will be under mentorship and supervision by a qualified nursing professional and other healthcare providers who ensure that you get the best nursing elective experience. .

Key Aspects of Your Nursing Electives 

  • A bespoke placement

Your placement is customized to suit both your specific individual interests and school requirements. This may include your desire to rotate in preferred hospital departments, choice of supervision or more clinical hours.

  • Supervision and mentoring

You will work hand in hand with qualified nurses to mentor you at the health facilities of placement to ensure that you experience real life practical and supervised nursing rotations in a unique healthcare setting.

  • Differentiated healthcare system

Interacting with tropical diseases and phased out infections while utilizing limited resources; both human capital and infrastructure is a life-changing opportunity for your nursing professional growth.

  • Split placement

Enhance your nursing elective and understand the differences in healthcare systems in a developing country through a split between an urban & rural hospital; two different hospitals in the same location!

  • Interactive Global Health Tutorials

An opportunity to learn and share on different health care perspectives with other students and local nursing is always rewarding. We organize interactive sessions that provide you with the opportunity to discuss and ask pertinent questions regarding the healthcare system in your placement location as well as share on the distinguishing healthcare characteristics unique to your home country and other places across the globe.

Elective Costing

Duration Location Cost Location Cost
Two Weeks Kisumu/Migori £1,150 Mombasa £1,385
Three Weeks Kisumu/Migori £1,305 Mombasa £1,535
Four Weeks Kisumu/Migori £1,690 Mombasa £1,800
Five Weeks Kisumu/Migori £1,805 Mombasa £1,995
Six Weeks Kisumu/Migori £1,920 Mombasa £2,190
Extra Week Kisumu/Migori £230 Mombasa £230