Medical Electives

Your elective is the culmination of years of hard work, and for many, it’s a once in a lifetime experience. By choosing to take your medical elective abroad you will have a unique opportunity to experience a whole new culture and work in a medical environment totally alien to what you have been used to.

Your elective is a chance to see a range of advanced and unfamiliar cases, observe practices that challenge what you’ve learned, and see how sociocultural factors impact care. From a lack of what we might consider basic equipment to new way or methods of conducting procedures, you will be exposed to a range of learning and developmental opportunities.

Planning your elective can seem like a daunting task, with some many aspects to consider. That is why we were first set up by a Doctor to help recreate her unforgettable elective placement while removing the hassle and stress of organising it yourself. Problems like finding the right person to contact in a hospital, or their details in the first place. Finding suitable and safe accommodation, and then how to find it from the airport when you arrive. We take care of all of this and more. Our team source your accommodation, correspond with the hospital and work to tailor your medical elective to suit your preferences and specialities. We have our team meet you at the airport and they remain on hand to help throughout your placement. 

Medical Elective Destinations

St Vincent and the Grenadines

One of  Caribbean’s hidden gems, this chain of islands is renowned for its unspoilt natural beauty

St Vincent is where we ran our first elective project. The country is made up of 32 islands, while the capital city and the majority of the population based on the main island of St Vincent. While these islands are a true joy to explore in your free time, it doesn’t mean that many are unable to access medical care when required.

We work with the three main medical centres/hospitals on St Vincent; Arnos Vale, Milton Cato and Integrated. This means we can be very flexible with placements and specialities. Our students also help support local health initiatives, with the aim of making a real and lasting difference. One of our most significant projects is organising free health fairs on smaller islands.


Find out why Kenya is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations

Kenya is renowned for its landscapes, wildlife, climate and the warmth of its people. An elective here will be a challenge as you work in a completely new environment, one that is often lacking resources we take for granted in the UK. But it will be a hugely rewarding placement, where you can make a real difference.

You will be supported by our in-country team who will make sure you have a wonderful time away. From helping you get settled to recommended the best trips and safaris.


Tanzania remains one of the most beloved and enchanting safari destinations in the world

Tanzania is another of Africa’s famous safari and wildlife destinations, offering our elective students some truly unforgettable excursions and adventures. From the opportunity to climb Mt Kilimanjaro to relaxing on the beaches of the Indian Ocean, Tanzania guarantees a once in a lifetime elective. 

This will be a challenging but highly rewarding medical placement. Thousands of people die every year in Tanzania due to lack of proper medical care and equipment. You will be working in hospitals and local medical centres that will cherish your assistance, knowledge and support. One of the major parts of our work in Tanzania is to support the local hospitals with HIV prevention and treatment. 

Sri Lanka

A destination that really offers its all, from Buddhist temples and ancient ruins to surfing beaches and safaris

For many years Sri Lanka was overlooked as a travel destination. But as more people discover the island’s beauty, it’s incredible beaches, stunning ruins, welcoming people and of course, it’s elephants, that has all changed.

You will be working in a local teaching hospital in Columbo, supporting the local doctors and medical team.  In your free time, you can explore the country, and our local team will be on hand to help. There is so much to see, especially when Sri Lanka boasts 8 Unesco World Heritage Sites!