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11 Reasons to Visit St Vincent

A chain of 32 islands—each with their own unique flavour—boasting clear skies, brilliant blue water and friendly faces. Here, you can relax the day away in a seaside hammock, or challenge yourself with outdoor activities, and, unlike so much of the Caribbean, you can do it all in relative peace and quiet, as it’s largely unspoiled by tourism.

Football Federation First Aid Course

In our continued bid to ensure our electives have a lasting impact in St Vincent we have partnered with the National Football Federation. Our students will be working with their community coaches running first aid and injury prevention workshops.

Tobago Cays Top 25 Caribbean Destination

The stunning Tobago Cays has been listed as one of the top 25 most beautiful places in the Caribbean. A group of white sand islands, that featured in Pirates of the Caribbean, is home to sea turtles, string rays and a host of tropical fish. One of the most recommended trips during your elective, the Tobago Cays really is paradise.

Sri Lanka Top Travel Destination

Lonely Planet have picked Sri Lanka of one of the top travel destinations in 2019. We are delighted by this, we have always aimed to choose only the best destinations for our elective projects. From safaris to ancient temples the country is full of wonder.