Our Elective Feedback

Find out what our previous elective students thought of their time away 

The highlight of my elective were being immersed in a new culture both socially and medically. It was interesting to experience the medical problems that come with a different culture and some I have never seen before. Learning about local culture, trying new experiences, foods, dances and making friends! Exploring the beautiful islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines, from waterfalls to salt ponds to rainforests and amazing beaches it has it all! I fell in love with the island. 

Thank you to MEA and especially Khari for making our elective an experience I will always treasure

Sophie - Cardiff University

Really enjoyed my placement at Arnos Vale Medical Centre. I enjoyed the flexibility, it allowed us to go out and explore the island. Dr. Dougan was great, very good at teaching. Made us feel welcome. The nursing staff/reception staff were also very welcoming. Also enjoyed the clinics with Dr. DeFreitas.
The support from MEA was brilliant. Khari was very knowledgeable about the area and keen to organize excursions for us. MEA was very accommodating in organizing a ‘last minute’ elective for us. I would absolutely recommend you to other students.
Pete - Warwick University

I shadowed Dr Stephens who was very happy for me to sit in with him and see the examinations. Answered any questions I had and was always very friendly. I also really enjoyed being able to go into the operating theatre for a session.

There were so many great trips, I would recommend the Tobago Cays, Bequia, climbing Mt Soufriere, Owia salt ponds and Fort Duvernette.

Khari was a great point of contact while on the island, he was available to help with whatever I needed.

Hannah - St George, University of London

It was definitely much better being based at Anos Vale Medical Centre rather than the main hsopital. Dr Dougan was fantastic, I definitely got a lot more teaching than those based in the main hospital. At the same time it was very relaxed and I was able to take off certain days to explore the island. I also really enjoyed my day in surgery with him. Dr Dougan was definitely the best part of my elective, he was so keen to teach and knew so much.

Amy - The University of Manchester

I had such an amazing time in the Caribbean! The people, the culture, the music… it is just wonderful. There was so much to see and do. Swimming with turtles at the Tobago Quays and a weekend on the beautiful beaches of Bequia were definately my highlights. 

I loved the program, especially the extra community stuff. It made my elective feel that little bit more unique and special, and it was a lovely chance to gain expereince out of a hospital setting. I would definately recommend St Vincent as an elective destination.

Abi - University of Surrey

Everyone was so friendly and happy to talk to us so I felt totally immersed in the culture. We spent a lot of time relaxing on the beach and having drinks at Paradise beach hotel. The Tobago Cays were spectacular especially snorkelling with the turtles and on the reef.

Visiting the hospital to join the ward round and observe surgery was an invaluable experience. It was so interesting to see the differences between Caribbean and British hospitals.

I would recommend MEA to other students because although it is more expensive to plan your elective through a company it feels much safer than going it alone. Going with MEA gave us a very unique experience where we had more access to trips, and no chance of being overcharged as tourists often are. I would especially promote St Vincent to other medical students as it was an amazing place for an elective. It would be good to extend some projects in the poorer communities to give health advice and to do some basic observations such as blood pressure
Tegen - Cardiff University

The support given by MEA was excellent, offering transfers, help with accommodation and getting set up on the island. The team, Khari especially, were extremely approachable.

I really enjoyed the hospital placement offered. It was perfectly weighted so we could go into placement and learn how medicine is practised in Saint Vincent as well as take days off for trips to enjoy what the island had to offer.

There were several highlights of the elective, these included the sunset boat cruise and excursions to Tobago cays to snorkel with turtles.

I would definitely recommend taking an elective with MEA. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity which offered both a medical elective and holiday experience.

Sam - University of Leeds